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You always pick the best for you and your family, right? So, why settle for less when it's time to think about assisted living? At Wesley House, it's not just about care. We promise top-notch service that matches the great life you're used to.

Picking an assisted living place is a big deal—it's really about trust. That's why we make sure our care fits each person's own needs and way of life. We're more than just a place to live; we're a warm, supportive home that offers care like no other.

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Wesley House Assisted Living

Life is not over when you move to an assisted living facility. It's just a new part of your journey. When you choose Wesley House Assisted Living, you aren't just choosing a facility where you are just another head in the bed. You are a part of the family. We know you by name. We know your likes and dislikes. We celebrate you because you deserve it.

Find a place that feels just like home and cheers on your life every step of the way. Come see what Wesley House Assisted Living is all about.

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Wesley Respite Short-Term Care

Caring for your loved one is not always easy. Sometimes you need a break or can't provide the short-term care they need. And that's ok. Wesley Respite Short-Term Care offers that tranquil sanctuary when you or your loved ones require temporary support. Whether it's postoperative recovery, caregiver relief, or simply a need for short-term assistance, our doors open to a world of compassionate care and restorative tranquility.

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Tailored Assisted Living Care

You deserve an approach that is tailored to your needs. We look at the big picture when it comes to care. Our approach is carefully put together to take care of your whole self – whether it's your health, how you're feeling, getting along with others, or your spiritual health.

Active Programs

Feel your best again. Our fun activity lineup has it all - from workout sessions and art classes to trips around town, making sure you've always got something exciting to do and stay active and feeling great.

Committed Team

Enjoy a high quality of life. Our caring team, from the health pros to the office staff, ensures everyone here feels cared for, seen, and heard.

Gourmet Nutrition

Keep your tastebuds happy. Our expert chefs craft various nutritious and tasty dishes, catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences and requirements.

Discover Comfort. Discover Care. Discover Community.

Welcome Home

Wesley House understands that choosing an assisted living facility is more than just choosing a place where to lay your head. It's about finding a home where you have the whole-person care you need and deserve.

It's about individualized care and feeling at home. Every day.

We're here to help you make this big decision by giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Reach out to us now to arrange a visit to Wesley House Assisted Living in Lindale.

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